Don’t Forget To Treat Your Car Air Conditioner Right

A carpet is a very attractive place for mold. If you find this has happened then you can treat the carpet with baking soda. Sprinkle the baking soda directly onto the carpet and leave it for a couple of hours. Then vacuum the baking soda off of the carpet. The alternative is to replace your carpet with wooden flooring.

Another important matter is securing your home. Many people are fond of leaving windows open especially during the summer, or if they live in more tropical climates. Some people forget or simply don’t lock their doors. Make it a practice to lock doors and windows. If it’s hot invest in a fan or air conditioner. Abductors have been known to enter through open windows. Be sure to secure them before you go to bed at night. Consider purchasing window locks which allow you to keep the window open a certain amount, allowing cool air in, but keeping anything else out.

Lighter cars get better fuel economy. Piling things on top of your car reduces aerodynamics and fuel economy by up to 5%. Avoid using a roof rack regularly because it alters the vehicle’s center of gravity and dramatically changes it’s driving dynamics. NOTE: The more a vehicle carries the more fuel it uses. An extra 50kg carried can increase your fuel bill by 2%. SOOOooo.remove the sandbags and out of season sports gear from the trunk. Keep the spare tire and emergency kit!

Under-inflated tires increase rolling resistance, use more gas and wear more rapidly. Keeping tires inflated to the maximum recommended pressure (printed in the owner’s manual) can reduce fuel use by 3-4% and extend tire life. Make sure your wheels are properly aligned to reduce fuel consumption, extend tire life and improve handling. Rotating tires at designated intervals will keep them wearing evenly and lasting longer. According to Consumer Reports, a tire’s rolling resistance “can add or detract an additional 1-2 miles per gallon,” NOTE: Some tires claim low rolling resistance and high fuel economy, such as Michelin’s Energy MXV4 and Continental’s ContiPremierContact.

There were two bathrooms in the cabin. One had a shower and the other had a bathtub. They had great water pressure and no problems at all. It had three bedrooms which each contained one bed that i believe was queen sized. Upstairs there was a loft with four double beds in it. My family slept upstairs with the children. It was a really nice area with a small table and a lamp as well. The stairs were nice and sturdy with a hand rail on them. They did make a bit of noise when going up every time though which made me nervous when others were trying to sleep. You could hear all of the walking from upstairs when you were downstairs.

In the winter take advantage of the water vapors along with the oven because they help humidify your home. Keep the heat in instead of going out the roof.

Don’t slam on the gas or brakes at any time. By hitting the gas softly and accelerating at a slower rate, you will waste less gas than slamming on the gas pedal. Try to keep your RPMs lower than 2000 on regular roads and you will maximize your gas conservation. If you are coming up on a stop sign or stop light, don’t accelerate into it. Coast so you barely have to brake when you are near the stop sign. Speeding up beforehand will only waste gas. Anticipate the light to turn red and start slowing down a little bit by letting off the gas before each stop light.